Elizabeth Gray / 3 March, 2015


By Jaime Winston, Salt Lake Magazine

Daybreak knows the best way to show off new homes: throw a party.

I was there for Daybreak’s Peninsula Party on Saturday, which showcased Lake Village homes (the ones surrounding the lake), and showcased a handful of local businesses, like upcoming Southern comfort restaurant Porch, set to open in Daybreak’s Soda Row in late April.

Each of the businesses set up shop in a featured home—builders included David Weekley, Destination (see photos below), Holmes and Rainey.

“This side of the valley is lacking in independent restaurants,” says Porch Chef Jen Gilroy, a recent transplant to the suburbs who’s known for her award-winning Salt Lake City restaurant Meditrina. “What I miss most about living in the city is the food scene, and Daybreak is the only suburb where I’d consider opening a restaurant with my style because of what they’ve done with it.”

Jen Gilroy, photo courtesy of Daybreak

Lake Village homes offer easy access to Oquirrh Lake, where residents fish and paddle board. Homes are designed to draw people outside, with large windows and more outdoor spaces connecting to interiors.

“In the suburbs as a whole, people pull into their garages and then go in through their garage door, and you never see anybody,” Gilroy says. “This is forcing people to say hi and get to know their neighbors.”

For the event, Gilroy offered her ricotta crostini from Meditrina, along with a local take on a pimento cheese sandwich and meatloaf balls (my favorite) from Porch. Guests also got a first look at Porch’s menu.

Kiler Grove Winegrowers held a tasting in the featured David Weekley home, while artist Jodie Milad painted the lake from a window.

Kiler Grove’s Rhea Cook
My favorite from the tasting was the Snake River Dry Riesling, which uses grapes from a vineyard in Boise. But Kiler also served its signature wine, Zinergy, which blends Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and a splash of Grenache.

Milad runs Painter’s Palette, a Soda Row business giving paint classes and painting date nights. At the event, Milad painted her own abstract take on the Daybreak landscape. More of her work is on display at The Schorr Gallery at West Jordan City Hall through April 9.

Milad getting started on her painting.
Cherry’s Hot Chocolate truck found a spot on the street between homes, helping guests warm up as they strolled the neighborhood.

If you see Cherry’s parked anywhere, I recommend the caramel hot chocolate. Of course, you could also try two other flavors: cherry and peppermint.

Orson Gygi offered homemade tarts, while demonstrating its products, andSmall Potatoes Catering gave guests plates of spicy shrimp.

Orson Gygi prepped delicious berry tarts for the event.

A shrimp plate, sampled by Small Potatoes

And a jazz duo from ArtSound Live Music set the scene for a Holmes Home at the party.

A jazz duo from ArtSound 
“A lot of people who live further from downtown are looking for opportunities to do things closer to home, whether that’s a good restaurant, jumping out on a trail or taking a boat on the water,” says Cameron Jackson, marketing manager for Daybreak. “That’s really what Lake Village is all about.”

This summer, Daybreak will hold its annual summer concert series, along with a lantern lighting event on the lake. Find info at daybreakutah.com.

Destination Homes’ Lake Shore condo:

Desintation Homes’ Lake Village house:

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