Cindy Gubler / 24 January, 2018


By Tom Haraldsen

We’ve heard for years about the concerns over Utah’s water supply—particularly when we’re experiencing a winter like this one with insufficient snowfall. But there’s one category involving H2O were the state has so shortage—wastewater. The 2-plus million people who live along the Wasatch Front send millions of gallons of wastewater into local facilities—200 million gallons on a daily basis. That would fill 300 Olympic-size swimming pools each day. We don’t hear much about what happens to that wastewater. It’s kind of an out-of-sight, out-of-mind thing since local facilities handle it without a hitch. But there are concerns over how that process can affect the state’s ecosystem and resident’s health. Eight year ago, a group of local publicly owned treatment works partners joined forces to create the Wasatch Front Water Quality Council…Read More