Elizabeth Gray / 17 June, 2016


By Brittni Strickland, Fox13

The community of Daybreak released 225,000 lady bugs into community gardens during the 9th annual Ladybug Festival on June 10.

The release of ladybugs at the annual festival is an effort to educate the community on organic gardening and the benefits of utilizing ladybugs to deter pesky aphids that feed on plants.

“It’s an opportunity for residents to get out in the gardens, and see the awesome things that gardens do for us, they provide food, they provide an opportunity for residents to come together,” said Wendy Pettett, organizer of the Ladybug Festival.

According to a Media Advisory from Daybreak sent to FOX 13,  Daybreak is the home to an estimated 4.5 million honey bees. With less than 20% of Daybreak currently developed, this leaves a variety of open fields to support honey bee population each spring. Daybreak hopes that the ladybugs and honey bees will thrive in the environment.

Containers of ladybugs were sold to neighbors so they could let them out in their own gardens.


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