Amberleigh Farrell / 26 August, 2016


By Heidi Hatch, KUTV 2 News


The countdown is on for opening night of the Eccles Theater in downtown Salt Lake City. Tickets are on sale for the first public event slated for Oct. 21, a night developers are almost ready for — almost.

Tony award winner Brian Stokes Mitchell, and smash television star Megan Hilty will headline the evening with Ballet West and other local favorites taking the stage including Kurt Bestor, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, U of U dancers along with Reparatory Theatre, and the Baruch Gayton Entertainment group.

“People are talking about it in town; it is the buzz of the town right now,” said Sean Morgan with GTS development. He has a front row seat to the action and can’t wait to let the public in to see what his team has been working on for seven years. Before that happens he says there are “little fixes happening here and there.”

Finish work on what will be a stunning new community arts center.

There are two art installments in the lobby including a terrazzo floor by local artist Laura Sharp Wilson and the beautiful balcony in a rainbow of colors that bring “life to the space and a great addition to the lobby.”

While the lobby looks ready for a good time, there is still work to be done before opening night. “It’s amazing how much work goes into this project. It’s a very technical building, lots of moving parts, hundreds of miles of electrical conduit.”

The main theater is still off limits, as a crew of 100 makes sure everything is finished to perfection.

“Every day is something new. To get to this level has been a lot of hard work.”

Morgan has overseen every last detail for the last four years. On Friday he walked through the lobby pointing to each detail including benches “custom made — fabricated by Utah Corrections.”

While Broadway shows will be the mainstay, there will be something for everyone including plays and even rock concerts.

The public will be welcome for short concerts and an open houses Saturday and Sunday following opening night on Oct. 22 and 23.


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