Hilary Robertson / 22 November, 2016


By Emma Penrod

Sailors are pulling many of the remaining boats from the Great Salt Lake State Marina this week in light of news that the causeway bisecting the lake will be breached Dec. 1.

The breach will allow water from the north and south arms of the Great Salt Lake to circulate once again. But when that happens, state models suggest the water level on the south end could drop by about a foot. A 1 percent increase in salinity is also expected in the south arm, said Laura Ault, sovereign lands program manager for the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands.

Harbormaster Dave Shearer said he has recommended that those who still have boats in the marina, which is in the Great Salt Lake’s south arm, remove their boats before the breach occurs. Otherwise, he said, the boats could sit with their keels in the mud all winter long…Read More