Whitney Cripe / 23 September, 2014


By Sara Guggisberg, Salt Lake Magazine

Tucked away behind mature trees and cozy houses in the Highland Park neighborhood, JOLI feels like a local’s best-kept secret.

The store’s Fall Fashion Edit on Thursday, Sept. 18 followed suit, with a casual atmosphere closer to a girls’ night than a formal fashion show. Some of JOLI’s customers were even featured as models.

Around 6 p.m., guests started filing in for some hors d’oeuvres and a quick peek at clothes before the middle of the store was transformed into a runway. The looks featured that night were selected by Katherine Quinlan, store owner. With a background in fashion production, buying, design and merchandizing, Quinlan offers Salt Lake City direct access to new trends and designers from New York, Los Angeles, Europe and more.  

“It’s no longer the big fashion houses driving fashion trends, and that makes it exciting for a unique store like us,” Quinlan says. “We’ve created a reason for people to come back to boutiques and to shop locally.”

As part of the event, JOLI also launched a personalized new service for clients—wardrobe boxes called La Boîte. Quinlan and her staff assess a client’s style and compile about 15 clothing items to deliver to her home in a wardrobe box. The client can then try on the items at her leisure with the clothes she already owns. At the end of the week, the client leaves the box out for pick-up with any clothes in it that she doesn’t want to keep.

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