Hilary Robertson / 23 February, 2018


Stacia Barton & Brian Carlson, ABC 4 Utah

A big event is coming to the University of Utah for people working in music, TV and film. It’s called the Lightspark Media Summit, and it’s got the stamp of approval from Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski, and the Co-Founder of the Lightspark Media Foundation, joined Brian Carlson to talk about why it’s so important. Lightspark is the only professional conference of its kind in the Intermountain West. It’s two days of learning and networking in entertainment media designed for creative professionals, lawyers, students, and anyone else who’s interested in film and TV, music, augmented and virtual reality, social media, and video games. It includes interactive panel discussions, lively presentations, an unforgettable keynote conversation, and plenty of networking opportunities. Read More