Hilary Robertson / 1 March, 2018


Art Raymond, Deseret News

In a world that’s scrambling to keep up with the digitization of, well everything, few areas have been more disrupted than the realm of entertainment. Where once the lines were pretty clear between the creators and distributors of music, film, video games and television, now those borders have been erased. Video games are movies, movies are virtual reality play areas, everyone is a content creator and our phones are fast becoming the conduit through which we consume all of the traditional media products, and a whole slew of new digital delights that have only been around for a few years, or a few minutes. On Friday and Saturday, Utah’s Lightspark Foundation will convene a media summit in Salt Lake City aiming to bring local digital media creators together to explore how this landscape is continuing to change, and how local experts from various disciplines can co-create, and find success, in the tumult. Read More