Lindsey Ferrari / 7 May, 2015


By Jason Nguyen, ABC 4

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 UTAH) – Utah is an outdoor playground!

“We just had a good time, those of us on the river. It is really pleasant today on the river,” said Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker.

The city launched its public engagement for its Parks, Trails and Open Space Initiative at the 9th South Constructed Wetland.

It all started with a discussion on what to do with golf courses last year.

“We know that golf course use has been diminishing, and we have these incredible outdoor resources we are committed to keeping an open space,” said the Mayor.

The city wants to re-purpose Glendale and Jordan River Par 3 golf courses by adding re-purposed water and more recreational sports while adding and connecting more trails to the city.

“Plan around our natural assets, our community needs, and the existing connections we have in different ways through the city,” adds the Mayor.

“Not only on the east side, but the Westside – and to unify the city, which is the most important part, through recreation” said District 1 Councilmen James Rogers.

The city hasn’t come up with a monetary value on this project. They say that it all depends on what you want to do with the land. Councilmen Luke Garrott told Good 4 Utah’s Jason Nguyen in April; the proposed bond could cost you $15 million to $150 million in taxes if voted on in November.

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