Hilary Robertson / 3 June, 2017


By Kurt Hanson

It’s no secret that last year, Utah Lake’s reputation was about as muddied as the lake itself, due largely in part to a toxic algal bloom that covered a large majority of the lake.

The lake was closed for the majority of the summer and health officials seemed to be constantly warning the public of the dangers of using lake water on lawns or for livestock. But this year, after a banner water year and exceptionally favorable conditions, lake officials are hoping to flip that image around and encourage families to have a fun day at the lake.

To promote the lake and all that it has to offer, the annual Utah Lake Festival was held Saturday at the Utah Lake State Park on a perfect summer day. Families meandered along the lakeshore and into its warm waters, learning about the lake’s ecology, playing educational games with vendors and grabbing a bite or two from the food trucks…Read More