Mimi Charles / 24 November, 2014


The public involvement process is more than just checking off a requirement, it’s an opportunity to gain valuable insight from the public and discover unforeseen issues that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Years of experience working on public and private projects and engaging the public has provided us with the insight needed to craft effective communication strategies. No matter what the project, we have discovered that these golden rules not only make the process easier, but garner the best results for our clients.

  1. Communicate with the public early and often;
  2. Be inclusive – Your supporters as well as cynics need to be heard;
  3. Confirm your understanding of what is being said;
  4. Show what you did with what was said – and follow through on any promises that were made;
  5. Establish a transparent decision making process and stick to it;
  6. Effectively inform and involve the public – create materials that pique their interest and are clear, concise and engaging;
  7. Expose the not so obvious – Raise questions about potential public concerns;
  8. Treat the public respect;
  9. Don’t ask for feedback if you don’t want to hear it;
  10. Never underestimate your audience.