Elizabeth Gray / 17 June, 2014

Building a lake house is a dream. It makes one think of big porches, picture windows, breezeways, and sparkling water.

It conjures images of a home where indoors and outdoors flow together seamlessly. And where the scene is constantly reinventing itself before your eyes—depending on the time of day and the season of the year. Which brings us to the shores of Oquirrh Lake. Not only is it picturesque, it happens to be located in the heart of Daybreak, one of our legacy clients. They’ve saved this land because it’s special. They wanted to leave a lasting legacy and build something truly unique to Utah.  Daybreak’s premier, new neighborhood, Lake Village is that legacy – with waterfront homes and views of both the Wasatch and Oquirrh mountains all around.

To showcase the unique architectural and design qualities found in the homes being built at the Lake Village, the WF & Co. team worked with Daybreak and invited four area bloggers to design their own virtual dream house. This 4-week series highlights how to get the most out of building a new home, including an overview of the building and design process.

We hosted the design bloggers for a fun-filled day at Daybreak where they were able to see how the community has grown into a real town over the last decade. The day gave the designers a chance to fly down zip-lines in Brookside Park, dip their toes in the streams, enjoy the breathtaking views of Oquirrh Lake as they kayaked alongside the ducks and cruise down the trails on bikes as they went to visit the shops & restaurants on SoDa Row. The capstone event of the day included meeting with the builders of the Lake Village to begin building their virtual dream home.  We love the way this project weaves together inspiring blogger voices and in-person, lifestyle experiences to tell a great brand story and give the target audience a real sense of what their own home building experience could be.

You can experience the vision and ideas created by these bloggers on their individual sites. The series begins today and will include new content posted on Wednesday’s for the next 4-weeks.

Desiree Campbell—the36thavenue.com

Kirsten Krason—6thstreetdesignschool.blogspot.com

Marianne Brown—whiteandgolddesign.blogspot.com

Jennifer Stagg—withheart.com