Cindy Gubler / 2 January, 2015


Crafting a story to pitch to the media is a lot like creating the next chart topper.  You need to know what it is you want to accomplish with your performance — raise awareness, affect sales, position your organization or an initiative, influence public opinion, manage an issue — and show that you are a credible rock star that can provide the right song and make it a hit.

To pitch like you’re a rock star and get the hit, there are few things that are important to know.  Because even though you might have a killer story, if your stage presence isn’t there you’ll lose your audience…and quick.  Consider this rock star boot camp:


Select The Appropriate Genre

Do your research! This is a step that can often be overlooked, but definitely should not. You wouldn’t write a country song for a heavy metal audience and the same is true for pitching a story.  Know who your audience and what reporter or media outlet to pitch your story to. Pick a reporter that is most likely to cover your story and will do the best job.

Want to hit the high notes? Mention previous stories they’ve covered on similar topics. This will show that you know their work and aren’t just pitching randomly.

A Strong Beat Hooks Them Early

Avoid being skipped over by the media by starting with a strong lead. Most reporters are on a deadline and they don’t have much time, if they can’t see the value in your story quickly, they can get frustrated and you’ll not only lose your opportunity for the story, but your future credibility as well.

Example intro: Did you know that one in every six new homes sold in our state is in this community?

Start a Trend

Is your story #trending among influencers in the media? If one well-respected outlet covers your story, others will follow. By identifying what media influences others you will be using your time more efficiently by pitching to them FIRST.

Pay Attention To The Lyrics, But Realize Sometimes You need More 

You need to craft the right words that will tell your story well and resonate with your target audience.  But remember that sometimes you need more than lyrics.  Think about a time when you saw the music video for your favorite song and suddenly had a much better understanding of the meaning behind it. Visuals add depth and aid in telling your story effectively. Try to add pictures, graphs and videos whenever appropriate.


If you don’t feel like a rock star yet don’t fret – practice makes perfect, which is what puts WF&Co. in the hall of fame. We have more than ten decades of combined media relations experience and a team made up of past journalists, marketers and media gurus who can rock the house.